A Look At Dolly Parton And Carl Dean’s Love Story Over The Years

Popular singer Dolly Parton wed husband Carl Dean in 1966, but the chances are you’ve never seen or heard of him. Dean likes to keep to the shadows, avoiding the red carpet and the flash of press cameras. After being married for so long, there are a few secrets to their relationship, and here we take a look at some of them.

4. Romance began at the laundromat

Parton hadn’t been in Nashville, Tennessee, for more than a single day when she bumped into Dean outside a laundromat. Dean made an impression by looking her in the eye when they chatted – a rarity for Parton. For his part, he told himself that she was the woman for him for life, and he proved it when they wed two years later.

3. Secret wedding pleased Mom

Parton and Dean set the tone for their marriage with their 1966 wedding. Parton’s record label had wanted her to hold off marrying her beau, but his mom had other ideas. Mom won out, and the two snuck away to get hitched in Ringgold, Georgia. They said their “I do”s again for their golden anniversary in 2016 with a bit more fanfare, selling wedding snaps for charity.


2. Jolene couldn’t steal her man away

In Parton’s smash hit “Jolene,” she begs with a redheaded temptress not to lure her man away. The model for Jolene was a bank teller, whose real name remains unknown, who caught Dean’s eye. But by all accounts Parton wasn’t worried – in real life, the whole thing was just an excuse for some good-natured wifely teasing.

1. A fling brought Parton to the brink


In fact, it was Parton who strayed. Rumors suggested that she had canoodled with a woman at work, but Parton kyboshed that idea. The truth is, as she revealed in a tell-all book, that she did have a passionate fling at one point. Parton claims that only her dog stood between her and ending her life when the guilt got too much. Thanks to the pooch, she and Dean got over it and remain happily married.