The Little Girl From The ’90s Pepsi Commercials Is Jesse Eisenberg’s Sister

Image: via YouTube/Tyler Angel

A young girl walks into a diner with her grandpa. They sit down and greet the host, and the child orders a Pepsi. “Nah, we’ve only got Coke,” comes the reply. Appalled, she recites a moving speech about freedom of choice, before leading the customers out of the restaurant in protest. But viewers of the iconic ’90s commercials would not have known that it was not to be this girl, but her big brother who would grow up to become a megastar.

Image: Frank Trapper/Corbis via Getty Images

The child’s name is Hallie, and she was born in August 1992. After the success of the initial Pepsi commercial, she went on to star in several more in the late ’90s and early 2000s. In 1998 aged six she landed a role in kid’s film Paulie, playing a girl who owned a parrot. Her cute dimples and un-brattish attitude charmed audiences and more movies followed, including Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams in 1999.

Image: via IMDb

In 2000 at the age of eight she was cast as Hellen Keller in The Miracle Worker. She was praised for her youthful performance as the deaf-blind author and political activist. The same year, she starred alongside Minnie Driver in Beautiful. Then, in 2006, the young actress was to scoop one of her biggest roles to date in the book adaptation How To Eat Worms. But after a couple more film parts, in 2010 she decided to quit.

Image: Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Proving she had her head screwed on, Hallie decided to take a break from acting to attend college. This decision seems to have been a long-standing one, as the actress hasn’t appeared in any movies since. Instead, she seems to have led a much more normal life, and her Instagram feed shows pictures of her hanging out with friends and traveling.

Image: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Tony Awards Productions

Instead, she seems to have decided to leave the limelight to her big brother, none other than actor Jesse Eisenberg. Nine years her senior, he has starred in big-name movies such as Rio and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He was even to earn an Academy Award nomination for his role as Mark Zuckerberg in 2010 blockbuster The Social Network. There seems to be no rivalry between the siblings – instead they appear very close, visiting far-flung destinations together.