Parenting Hacks That Have Been Approved By Real-Life Moms And Dads

Parenting is hard, and there is no rule book to follow — despite what the publishing industry would have you believe! That’s why parents have to help other parents out. Luckily, where there is a will, there’s a hack to make your life so much easier. Here are some of the best parenting hacks that have been parent-tested and approved.

1. Life-saving BBQ barriers

Toddlers are hard to watch, even when there seemingly aren't dangers lying around every corner. That's why this dad — the U.K. YouTuber LadBaby — came up with a genius way to barbecue so that his curious toddler can still roam without burning himself. He simply put a play pen around the dangerous object (the barbecue) so that the tot couldn't touch it.

2. Bath-ception

If your bathroom has a stand-up shower, it's nearly impossible to bathe your child without you ending up in the shower as well. This genius parent thought to place a blowup pool inside their shower to make bath time possible. Getting the thing in and out of the shower could be a hassle, mind you.

3. Easy sandbox

Children love playing in sandboxes, and you love when your child is occupied. The downside, though, is boxes are very hard to keep covered and clean. If you purchase a small tent and fill it with sand, you can zip the door shut at night and keep unwanted debris, animals, and bugs out of the sand.

4. Emergency info on lock

These smart parents thought to place this emergency information label on their child's car seat in the event of an accident that leaves them unconscious. This information would be extremely helpful to the first responders. It's especially handy if your child is too young — or too scared — to provide the information themselves.