Bad Habits That Are Totally Draining Your Energy – And How To Quit Them

We all have our little customs in life. This, of course, is totally normal, but some tendencies can actually be quite damaging. Drinking too much or smoking might spring to mind when considering harmful habits, but there are more subtle ones, too. Here’s a look at some seemingly innocuous habits which can actually be quite detrimental.

4. Breaking promises

At one stage or another, we’re all likely to have made a commitment to someone that we knew wouldn’t actually be honored. But if this becomes a habit, it won’t do your reputation much good. So, before making a promise, take a moment to consider whether or not you’ll really see it through.

3. Not forgiving

If a person in your life has wronged you somehow, it can ultimately be a difficult thing to forgive. But without taking that step, your own life can be greatly impacted. If you manage to let go of whatever it was that this person did, though, things can feel much better.


2. Not indulging yourself

Life can be overwhelming sometimes, with various commitments and responsibilities pulling us in all different directions. But this very fact itself means it’s extra-important to take some time out for yourself now and again. Without a break to focus on your own passions, daily existence can be quite a stressful thing.

1. Not ditching the clutter


If your house is in something of a cluttered state, it can be rather difficult to maneuver. Objects will be misplaced, and dirt and grime are more likely to build up. Naturally, this will also have an impact on your mental state. After all, if your surroundings are a mess, you can’t exactly expect your mood to be in pristine condition…