Everyday Cooking Mistakes That Can Likely Be Avoided With A Few Simple Changes

Whether you’ve got a Michelin star to your name or are just cooking for the family, you’re bound to make a mistake in the kitchen from time to time. Undercooking, overcooking, too much seasoning, not enough – even the most basic of meals can sometimes be a minefield. However, there are some common blunders which really should be avoided.

1. Removing chili seeds to remove the heat

We’ve all heard that deseeding a chili can curtail the intensity of its spicy taste. This, however, is actually a fallacy. Undoubtedly, the seeds can certainly have a kick – but no more so than the rest of the chili. So really, there’s no need to waste your time with this finicky task.

2. Flipping meat too often whilst cooking

This is something that many of us have been guilty of. Say you’ve got a slab of juicy steak heating up on the grill. It might be tempting to flip it over more than once, hoping to ensure it cooks evenly. This, however, is a mistake. Turning meat too much risks overcooking it.


3. Undercooking all vegetables to keep their nutrients


With raw food diets being increasingly popular, we’ve all heard the suggestion that cooking vegetables takes away some of their nutrients. Well, while this is true for certain foods, it certainly doesn’t apply to everything. Some things, in fact, actually benefit from being heated through. Tomatoes, for instance, contain more vitamin C when they’ve been cooked.

4. Making guacamole in advance to save time

Say you’re preparing for a Mexican feast, and you’re worried about all the things you’ll need to attend to. You might decide to lessen the burden by whipping up the guacamole in advance of everything else. And why not? It’ll keep, after all. Well, actually, it won’t. Contrary to what you might think, guacamole browns quickly, and so it should ideally be served right after it’s been made.