Experts Decoded Common Dog Habits — Including Why Your Pup Follows You Everywhere

We all love dogs, right? But sometimes the behavior of your pup can be a little confusing. Have you ever considered, for instance, what your beloved pet could be telling you when he follows you around the house? Or when she rolls over to expose her belly? Well, fear not. We’re here to explain these quirks and many others — and what they mean may just surprise you.

1. A quick look

When your dog gives you a glance and then quickly stares at something else, don’t worry. It’s not a bad sign! Basically, it shows that your canine friend respects you. If you’ve got any snacks on you, though? That short look will probably turn into a prolonged gaze. Maybe even some begging...

2. Following you everywhere

Ever wondered why your dog follows you all over the place? Well, Dr. Rachel Barrack could have the answer. In 2018 she told the American Kennel Club, “Young puppies can often imprint on their owners and look to them as they would their mothers.” She added, “If every time you’re with your dog, he gets affection or treats, he’s likely to [follow you around] more often.” Makes sense to us!

3. Flicking their ears

Dogs are renowned for their fantastic hearing, but they don’t always recognize certain sounds. To combat that problem, they flick their ears around to zone in on the noise. It’s just like when we’re trying to pick up a radio signal by adjusting the antenna. Hopefully, they avoid the static!

4. Stretching

Who doesn’t love a good stretch? It really helps to shake the cobwebs away. But is it the same for dogs? Well, not quite! They like to do it when they see their owners after some time apart. Simply put, stretching is a sign of affection. Aww.