40 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make, And The Reasons To Avoid Them

It’s a well-known scientific fact that cats rock – but they can be mysterious little beasts at the best of times. How can a responsible pet owner navigate the treacherous waters of meows, claws and hidey-holes? Luckily, we’re here to help, because it seems we’re all clueless when it comes to cats. Here are 40 things most of us may be doing wrong and how to make life better for our feline friends...

40. Ring-a-ding-ding

Now, we all know that cats with cute collars go together like mac and cheese. And the addition of a tiny bell pushes the cute factor into the stratosphere. But much as we love them, these animal accessories can cause our kitties a bit of a problem. Our feline friends, it seems, are a little gung-ho when it comes to ridding themselves of them – and the bits can become a choking hazard, according to hillspet.com. Bye-bye cute bell.

39. Roughhousing

Lots of cats love a good hands-on play session. But if you’ve ever come away from the game bearing the scars of battle, there’s a good chance your feline friend is overstimulated says website Canidae. A lighter touch during play, or using toys should save your poor hands. And arms. And legs.

38. Stylin’

Admittedly, the occasional brush of kitty’s fur is absolutely fine. But cutting, dyeing, or generally coiffuring their fur is a big no-no, says website Pet Place. And yes, we know how fabulous it looks. In truth, a cat’s fur serves a specific function, including regulating their temperature, so messing with it is a bad idea. Plus, according to the animal protection charities, our pets just find the whole process confusing and depressing. Cats, it seems, are not fashion-forward.

37. We are not a-meow-sed

We all love an impromptu conversation with our feline friends. But it turns out that they might not be enjoying it as much as we are. As observed on the website of the Library of Congress, cats only meow at humans, and it’s very much a one-way conversation. They’re telling you they need something and are not expecting an answer. In fact, according to Bright Side, it just confuses them. How dare you answer back? Where is the food?