Unusual Cat Behaviors That Have Always Baffled Owners – Until Now

Although cats can be confusing creatures, there’s apparently method to their madness. Many feline quirks can in fact be explained, so instead of shaking our heads at their oddball behavior, we should spend time understanding what they’re trying to communicate. Yes, even with that nasty bite! Help is at hand in the form of this list. Read it, and you’ll reach a deeper awareness of what your kitty is trying to tell you.


When cats perform headbutts, they do so with the best of intentions rather than to instigate brawls. There’s even science behind their actions: the animals are transferring their smell onto you and leaving their feline fragrance on your forehead or whichever body part they’re rubbing against! And interestingly, there’s actually a name for this rather odd phenomenon. It’s called bunting.

A hidden meaning

On the other hand, cats can be needy creatures, and this tactic could simply be a handy way of getting your full and undivided attention. Another possibility is that they’re trying to telepathically communicate with us, but we’re just too slow to have cottoned on just yet...

Dashing randomly around your home

Cats have bursts of activity when they suddenly dart around, just like humans do when they head to the gym and clamber onto the treadmill. And there seems to be no rhyme or reason to this spontaneous outpouring of energy, other than, well, they’re just a little weird.

Letting off some steam

But as domesticated pets have no need to hunt, their restlessness needs an outlet somehow — even if that results in them wildly barrelling about the house. Energetically chasing a toy mouse helps cats let off some steam — and lets any real rodents in the area off the hook.