When Authorities Inspected A Home In Florida, They Discovered A 16-Foot Predator Prowling The Cellar

It wasn’t an alligator lurking in the shadows of the cellar. That would have been one thing – maybe even the expected thing in this part of Florida. This... this was something else entirely. And as two men approached the beast in front of them, they knew they were in danger. The predator was at least 16 feet long and 165 pounds. But, even more terrifyingly, the intruder clearly wasn’t alone...

The pair who’d discovered the interloper knew they would need expert help in removing this beast. But when a specialist came to the house, he was also taken aback by the size of this thing. Even with his professional experience, the expert had rarely seen anything quite like this before. What were they going to do?

The predator wasn’t just deadly to humans, you see. It’s also a recognized threat to local wildlife. Its been known to devour possums, rabbits, bobcats and deer. And, alarmingly, a critter this size has the ability to tackle prey larger than even that. On one occasion, another of its kind was spotted feasting on a 7-foot-long alligator!

The two men first encountered this lethal specimen beneath a home on an island in Florida’s Everglades. And they ultimately decided to call in local conservationist Ron Bergeron. Ron’s work has earned him the moniker “Alligator Ron” – but his alligator expertise would do him no good here. Much different action was needed.

And whatever the men did, it wasn’t going to be easy. The beast confronting them had actually crawled underneath the floorboards of an old camp house. Plus, there was the small issue of the predator not being completely alone. So instead of rushing headlong into attack mode, Bergeron took time to contemplate his next move.