4 Places In America That Pay People Money To Move There

Statistics will tell you that the average cost of a home in the U.S. is around $230,000. That, of course, can vary wildly depending on precisely where you wish to live. For many, the American Dream of owning a property looks set to forever remain just that: a fantasy. There are some places, however, that offer attractive monetary incentives to relocate.

1. Tribune, Kansas

Tribune runs a program called The Rural Opportunity Zone. The state seeks to attract more youthful residents by contributing up to $15,000 towards their student loans across five years. And according to a spokesman, they’ve had some success, with 25 out of 55 new inhabitants in Greeley County being direct beneficiaries of the scheme since its launch.

2. Marne, Iowa

The small town of Marne, Iowa has free land up for grabs for those willing to build a house on it. The home needs a minimum footprint of 1,200 square feet, and with Omaha, Nebraska, just a 45-minute commute away, the offer is an attractive one. Meanwhile Curtis, Nebraska offers a similar incentive as it seeks to build on its recent growth.


3. Baltimore, Maryland

Prefer the bustle of a city? Baltimore, Maryland and New Haven, Connecticut both offer loans to help with the purchase or renovation of existing properties. Baltimore provides $5,000 toward property purchases, increasing to $10,000 for a deserted or foreclosed home. In New Haven, meanwhile, you can get up to $10,000 if buying your first home, $30,000 for refurbishment works, and even $40,000 towards schooling.

4. Alaska


If a view is more your thing, then Alaska offers so many incentives to move there that it’s impossible to list them all. Significant money back on building an energy-efficient property, however, is particularly enticing. The similarly stunning Colorado, too, offers those with disabilities help to secure their first home. Financial incentives are also available to anyone else wanting to relocate there.