The Ancient Egyptians Had 12 Signs Of The Zodiac, And They Were Based On Gods And Goddesses

Our friends at Wikipedia dismiss astrology as “pseudoscience,” but there are plenty who’d hotly dispute that. And among their number would have been the ancient Egyptians. Yes, thousands of years ago the Egyptians had their own zodiac signs. They’re unlike the ones we know, and followed a different dating system. Each of the 12 Egyptian zodiac signs covered from two to four short periods during the year as opposed to our roughly monthly ones. Here’s a selection of the signs the ancient Egyptians used.


Bastet was a sign that covered births from July 14 to 28, September 23 to 27 and October 3 to 17. Bastet was an Egyptian goddess whose portfolio included pleasure, love and cats. What’s not to like? People born under this sign were, it was said, well-adjusted types who avoided conflict and stress. They had high levels of intuition when it came to understanding others. And ancients believed some even had the gift of foresight.


If you were born from January 1 to 7, June 19 to 28, September 1 to 7 or November 18 to 26, then during ancient Egyptian times you would have fallen under the Nile sign. It’s different to the other 11 signs, which are all gods or goddesses. The Nile, of course, is a river. Those born in the dates of the Nile were said to have been passionate people, prone to mood swings. Despite this, their emotional intelligence and generosity tended to make them popular with others.



As a god, Osiris had a wide brief that included farming, the afterlife, resurrection and booze, a strange mixture of agriculture, partying and death. He was the star sign for those born from March 1 to 10 and November 27 to December 18. Osiris babies grew up to combine a feisty temper with powerfully sensitive empathy. They also tended to have a sharp tongue tempered by a natural kindness.



Those born from July 29 to August 11 and October 30 to November 7 had Sekhmet as their ancient Egyptian zodiac sign. As a goddess, Sekhmet had two apparently contradictory themes – war and healing. Those born under her sign tended to take a bipolar view of life. Things were either black or white with little grey in between. They could have a temper, but they attracted people with their keen intelligence and appreciation of beauty.